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yeah baby i am an ANIMAL in bed. more specifically a koala. i can sleep for 22 hours a day

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god bless comic artists for drawing captain america’s ass so fine

you guys think im jokin


ass so fine

god bless avengers casting directors for casting captain america’s ass so fine


i pledge allegiance to that ass


That’s the show.

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This makes me so emotional. Mrs Weasley knew the Dursleys wouldn’t visit and that Harry’s got no other family and to hER HES PRACTICALLY HER SON SOMEONE HOLD ME

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Bill: We did the show, and it was nice, cause there was Fred, who was also leaving. So Fred and I kind of, very consciously, were like, “Let’s go through this experience together.” You know. I said, “Okay, Fred, when we step off the stage, we’re doing goodnights, waving goodbye,” and I said, “Alright, when we step off the stage, we’re ex-cast members. You know. Let’s do this together. Ready?” And we jumped off the stage at the same time and it was really emotional.

And then we went to the party, but I was so exhausted I don’t remember much of anything. And then I remember Lorne giving me a big hug and he was very sweet, and we talked to Lorne for a while. And then Maggie did a nice thing where I thought I was going home, and then Maggie said, “I have a gift for you.” And she got me a room at a hotel —not us a room at a hotel, ME a room at a hotel —and I walked in and there was like a stack of DVDs and she was like, “This is yours for three days.”

Interviewer: Whoa. I was afraid of hookers, or something.

Maggie: Well, I was torn.


—Bill Hader on his last episode of SNL (via yay—stefon)
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Look at what Seth Meyers has framed in his office.


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When it comes to cooking, not everyone is at the same skill level…

is that aph england

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Okay, so this is the 2nd time that I’ve gotten this message. At first I was like “Oh yeah its just someone who’s trying to get themselves promoted or something but then I got this again and it doesn’t seem right because they changed their name to Victoria suddenly??? When I first got it it was Nathaly but this could be a virus I have no clue, I never went to the website or their tumblr because I don’t want to get any possible viruses on my computer so I might be wrong but just in case please reblog it because I don’t want anyone to get any viruses. If I’m wrong then please tell me and I’ll take this down but for now please reblog this, thank you!

UPDATE: Yeah it’s virus blogs. I’ve gotten them from two different people and their title was the same. One was “Beautiful Landscapes” and the other was “Beautiful Tattoos” and so yeah reblog this really fast before anyone gets the virus ok thanks again. The first blog that sent me this was zinokmass so watch out for zinokmass and labagaww thank you guys so much ignore the message if you get it

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